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Butterfly layout.HEIC

Our children who need lots of nurture and cuddles.

This group is on a ratio of 1:3 with an adult very close at hand throughout the day.


Sleeping area

Many of our children in this group still sleep during the day. There is a quiet sleeping area provided for them to rest. 

Meal times

Butterflies children share snack and meal times together. Children are supported with eating and choosing their own snack.. 

Pre walkers

For our children who are not yet mobile we provide opportunities for them to be on the floor developing muscle strength. We ensure lots of soft surfaces for the children to sit or lay upon. When children are ready to pull towards standing our staff ensure they are supported and have suitable toys and equipment to develop their strenth. 


The children in butterflies take part in many sensory experiences and have a chance to explore many different sensations. 

Stories and Rhymes

The children in butterflies share stories and rhymes with adults throughout the day.

CAlming spaces

There are calming spaces throughout the area for children to explore. There are different places children can play and calm lighting to help the children feel calm and supported. 

      Such a great place and it's so nice to know I can leave him happy and come back to him happy

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