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**Nourishing More Than Just Appetites: Sharing Smiles and Stories at Mealtimes**


At Sparkle Lodge Early Years, mealtimes aren't just about filling tummies; they're a cherished part of our day where children and staff come together to savour delicious, nutritious meals and desserts provided by our partners at Hungry Moose Catering.


**Healthy and Delicious: **


Our commitment to your child's well-being extends to their plates. We believe that a balanced diet is essential for growing minds and bodies. Hungry Moose Catering ensures that our meals are wholesome and mouthwateringly tasty. It's a winning recipe for healthy habits that last a lifetime.


**Social Feasts: **


Mealtimes are sociable occasions where children and staff gather to share more than just food. It's a time for laughter, stories, and building strong connections. We encourage conversation, ensuring that every child feels valued and heard.


**Snack Breaks, twice a Day: **


In addition to our hearty meals, we offer snack time twice a day. It's a chance for children to refuel with a mixture of dry snacks and fresh fruits, all washed down with refreshing water or milk. We believe in teaching healthy snacking habits from a young age.


**Independence and Life Skills: **


Mealtimes are about more than just eating. They're an opportunity for children to build essential life skills. Our little ones are encouraged to set the table and tidy up afterwards. These small steps toward independence lay the foundation for responsible, capable individuals.


**A Taste of Togetherness: **


Mealtimes are a chance to bond, learn, and grow together. We take pride in creating an environment where children feel safe, valued, and excited about mealtime. It's a moment in the day when we come together as one big family.


At Sparkle Lodge Early Years, we understand that mealtimes are about more than food; they're about building memories, friendships, and healthy habits that will last a lifetime. Join us in celebrating the joy of sharing, the warmth of conversation, and the deliciousness of nutritious meals.


Because at Sparkle Lodge Early Years, we believe in nourishing not just bodies but hearts, too.


Due to the high risk of children coming into contact with allergens, we do not allow food to be brought onto the premises. We ensure all dietary needs are catered for.

Week 1:  2nd January,  29th January
Week 2:  8th January,  5th February
Week 3:  15th January,  
Week 4: 
22nd January, 19th February

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