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Here are just some of the reviews we have received.

September 2023


My daughter has been attending since the nursery opened and she has come so far in her development, and I can honestly say it has so much to do with the support she gets at the nursery. She adores the staff and really looks forward to going to nursery (even asking to go during half term or whilst on holiday). Can not thank the staff enough for how much support I get as a single mum as well, always there to listen and talk when needed.

March 2022

Our training provider

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I have 2 children at sparkle lodge who in such a short period of time have managed to come on leaps and bounds in progress which I don't think they would have achieved anywhere else which is Absolutely amazing, it is a fantastic nurturing nursery, with lots of exciting and varied activities, great environment and lovely, professional staff who are more than happy to help with any questions you have and make you feel more than welcome.


Very very happy. My daughter is making lots of progress. She is learning new skills everyday. It feels like my second family. The staff are amazing and so friendly.


My little girl has come on leaps and bounds since attending sparkle lodge both with her talking and her ability to do stuff, and she absolutely adores the staff. The staff are definitely great with the kids!

Anonymous mother of a two-year-old girl

My daughter started at Sparkle Lodge mid February. She was not supposed to start until March, but after she settled so well on her first settling in session and was a different child (in a positive way), I decided to remove her from her previous preschool where we were having a lot of issues and started her at Sparkle Lodge early and asked if she could come back the next day.


My daughter is always exited to walk to preschool, when I say it is preschool time she looks for her shoes and coat and waits at the door. My daugher walks into preschool, happily.


The environment

The environment is calm, relaxing, inviting, comfortable and safe for children to play and explore their interests. There are a variety of toys and books for the children to play with and read, including sensory toys and tents, play houses, tippees, wooden toys, animals, bricks, music classes, painting and water play for the children to enjoy. The staff tailor the toys to the children's interests. The garden is lovely and reminds me of Mr Tumbles garden with the colourful green and flowers and plant stick ornaments, there are a variety of outdoor toys which are regularly rotated. If we are early my daughter likes to look around at the flowers and plant stick ornaments with sunshines, butterflies and ladybirds on them and I will tell her the colours, names and objects to keep her calm and engaged while she waits to go inside.


The staff

Kara is a wonderful manager and I have heard she recently recieved a manager of the month award, which comes as no suprise, as staff members, parents and the wider community speak highly of Kara and her vision for the preschool, and I myself have witnessed the way she treats staff members with friendliness and respect. Kara always seems happy, friendly, relaxed and approachable and so do the staff. Kara cares about her staff and the children in her care. From my experience with the previous preschool, when staff are not treated right and fairly, this impacts on how well they can do their job and the children pick up on the negative atmosphere. There is none of this at Sparkle Lodge. If I was in the childcare profession I would want Kara to be my boss as I know she would support me as a person and in being the best I could be for the children in my care! I feel very happy for my daughter to be in Kara and her teams care.


Kara provides a seperate area for the children to eat both snacks and lunch which looks and feels calm, away from where the children play. Kara has lunch time staff and there always seems to be plenty of staff to help the children settle into their snack and lunch routine and make the experience positive. Kara provides healthy and balanced snacks and meals from a Slice of Pie. My daughter had struggles with transitioning into snack and lunch routine at her previous preschool and was provided no help from the staff members and I was told that I would have to come in at lunch time to help my daughter with her lunch or take her home early, which was not acceptable and we have not had these issues at Sparkle Lodge. In fact, my daughter will know it is snack or lunch time and go over to the table and try the food and is actually eating much better. I am happy to pay for the lunch provided as I know my daughter is getting a healthy balanced hot meal the same as every other child and staff member in the setting, I probably save money by paying for lunch at Sparkle Lodge and there is less lunchbox food waste. Kara also provides a relaxing atmosphere for children who need naps to have naps and understands the importance of the children resting. At my daughters previous preschool they would avoid nap time and say there is no point in bringing her to preschool if she needs to nap during the day. Well Mummas got to work!? My daughter no longer comes home irritable and hungry because she is given the rest she needs and she settles well at snack and lunch.


Kara has lots of other children in her care with additional needs and has a lot of experience with SEND, especially austim. Kara also is providing lots of training courses for her staff members and eventually parents. My daughter has a working diagnosis for autism and has been non-verbal, like most children, her speech, language, development and behaviour was impacted in some way from covid lockdowns. I saw no progress in my daughters social skills or development in the time she was at her previous preschool, which was from the beginning of September 2021 until mid February 2022, but since my daughter started Sparkle Lodge in mid February, as I mentioned she is a different child and I have noticed a huge improvement and lots of progress in her speech, language, development and behaviour.


Overall, I am very happy and I am sure there is a lot more I could say about Sparkle Lodge. It might sound like I have put other preschools down, but I feel it is important to share the context of where we were at prior to Sparkle Lodge as I know many parents are facing similar challenges and to give other parents an understanding of what to expect and how good Sparkle Lodge truly is.


I was nervous at first to put my daughter into a newly opened preschool but I am glad I took the risk and I am glad I chose Sparkle Lodge. It is exciting to watch the preschool grow and develop and also to see what it will look like in the future. I am confident Sparkle Lodge will do well when they are visited by Ofsted and that they will become very popular in the community of Portsmouth in a very positive way. I am sure the managers award Kara will recieve will only be the first but not the last! Kara has put a lot of thought and care into the new preschool.

My daughter Viktoria made friends that will last a lifetime. She was really shy when she started and yet by the time she left she was asking every single day to go again. Her exploratory skills have really developed and she shows curiosity now wherever she goes.


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